Uprawnienia azbestowe na skandynawie

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Zapraszamy na szkolenia azbestowe oraz kursy azbestowe, które są honorowane na terenie całej skadynawii. Firmy i pracownicy usuwający azbest pracują z naszymi certyfikatami pracują z powodzeniem w takich krajach jak Dania, Norwegia, Szwecja, Belgia. Dzięki naszym certyfikatom zaczniesz wreszcie zarabiać PRAWDZIWE PIENIĄDZE.

Asbestos course Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Norway 220EU

Certificate in English (30h program) – full-time or online. 220EU / gross / person.

The course entitles you to deal with the removal of asbestos.

After this course, you can run a company dealing with the removal of asbestos, as well as you can work in such a company.

Each participant of the course will receive:

  1. Certificate in English. Certificate template


Every person dealing with the asbestos removal must have completed the above mentioned course.

It is not enough that the employer or manager has such a course.

Lack of entitlements may result in a high mandate.

The program of the course includes 30 teaching hours of 45 minutes. It complies with EU standards.

We can come specially to your company in Poland or beyond its borders.

The courses will be in Polish, Ukrainian and English.

Details to be agreed.

If you have questions, call + 48 794940192 or write eurinks@gmail.com


Here you can check the legality of our institution.

How to order a course?

  1. You must transfer the above amounts to the following data:


ul.Szkolna 26c 41-300 Dąbrowa Górnicza

BIC Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. – RCBWPLPW

payments in PLN 17 1750 0012 0000 0000 3266 4838

payment in EU 73 1750 0012 0000 0000 3266 4897

In the transfer title, please enter the name of the participant (s).

  1. Send an e-mail or text message with the data of each participant of the course:
  • name
  • surname
  • contact number
  • e-mail adress
  • the name of the course

In the case of ordering a full-time course, please provide the city of training

By ordering this course, you declare that they have read and confirmed the conditions contained in the regulations and the privacy policy

How does the internet course proceed?

After receiving the above email and verifying the data, we immediately send you your login and password to the course. After passing the course and completing the exam (online). We prepare a certificate for you and send it by email and post.

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